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Muscle exercise


All those exercises referring to muscle exercise to get penis thicker refer to methods based on exercises that produce a change along and across the width of the member. Muscle exercises refer to kegel exercises; is the same thing, the problem is that most of the people looking for a penis enlargement solution look too for kegel exercises because they sound familiar when talking about penis enlargement methods.

The treatments based on muscle exercise are created mostly of them for specialist concerned about one of the biggest male problems ever. Also, they create different stages of muscle exercises, one to exercise the muscle of the penis and other one to exercise the men mind. Besides influencing on the corpora cavernosa, these exercises penis thickness affect the suspensory ligament of the member.

What is the suspensory ligament? The suspensory ligament of the penis is comprised of two components, the suspensory ligament proper and the arcuate subpubic ligament that attaches the tunica albuginea to the midline of the pubic symphysis. Its function is to support the erect penis in an upright position to aid in vaginal penetration. Muscle exercise and exercises for penis enlargement release the suspensory ligament from the pubic bone in order to make it bigger.

Muscle exercise among other types of exercises are divided into stages to make a gradual and progressive physical change. Generally, after two weeks, you can see visible changes in the member. The more time you practice the muscle exerciseas any quality online clinic tell you to, the bigger the size of your penis will be.

We use to recommend Enlarge Pro as our favorite online clinic but in this case we will give you de name of other efficient and safe virtual clinic; Pene Recovery. They have made a full study about muscle exercise and have created one of the most complete treatments on the market for penis enlargement.

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Are you looking for a safe, efficient and all-natural way to enlarge your penis? Despite there are nearly 4 methods to enlarge the penis, in this post we are going to explain yourself how the process work both in width and length.

If you are a smart reader maybe you have realized than in some websites people always says that the penis length is controlled by the suspensory ligament and the width by the corpus cavernosum. However, this is not true. The carpora cavernosa is a sensitive tissue inside the penis and have the property of increase in size when more blood flows through it; the cells grow well at keeping the ratio of width and length. It is for this reason that not only control the width, but also the length.

You want to enlarge your member both width and length. "Researchers" says too that the length is controlled by the suspensory ligament. This is true, but not only the length is controlled in this manner, also by the corpus cavernosum.

To enlarge the penis you should take a treatment that uses both options: enlarge your member thanks to the corpus cavernosum and thanks to the suspensory ligament. The treatment that take advantages of both properties is the one based on exercises.How can exercise affect the corpora?Because the exercises cause the blood to be pumped with higher pressure and more blood gets to the member, this way, the cells get bigger and the penis too.

Is there any better way to enlarge the penis than exercises? surgery is better, not in safety but it is in effectiveness. You will be sure that you will enlarge your penis some inches but you are undergoing surgery.

From all the virtual clinics available in the market we find Penis Recovery as one of the most complete. You can take their virtual test in order to know which treatment to follow, you have 24/7 costumer support and the guaranty of taking one of the best treatments to enlarge your penis.

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Penis pump


Have you seen the movie "Ed TV"?A TV station decides to start a reality show about a guy. The main character, played by Matthew McConaughey, who is tired of life is affected by the television cameras and, as the directors of the company will not let him quit, proposes a contest Who can tell the most shameful fact of one of the directors of the TV station? Then, he is told that the president of the company uses a penis pump system to achieve an erection. Penis pump are basically used for man to get an erection, however, many clinics have been selling the same instrument for all those men who want a bigger penis.

How does a penis pump instrument work?A penis pump is a cylinder that is fitted over the penis, with a manual or motorized pump to create suction. As the apparatus creates a partial vacuum around the penis, blood is drawn into the penis, helping it to become engorged. As vacuum increases, the difference between the inner blood-pressure and the pump pressure increases as well; excessive pressure causes vascular damage rather than a harder penis.

After studied the complete procedure of a penis pump in 20 different man, we concluded that it works when applying a treatment based on exercises too. Both treatments complement each other. Therefore we believe there is no need of buying a penis pump instrument when you can take an online program based on 100% effective exercises. Likewise, if you use the device with care, as the instructions indicate, the member will not be affected or damaged.

What can happen if I use in the wrong way a penis pump? The worst that can happen is to lose your reproductive function and also the ability of getting an erection. In addition, a small mistake can cause you to lose control of the time the erection should last. What can happen if I don't follow the program based on exercises perfectly? Nothing, the worst that can happen is not to get your penis bigger.

One of the online clinics that provide a serious treatment to get your penis bigger is Penis Recovery. From their website you can take a FREE diagnostic test in order to know which treatment to follow. They provide the costumer three different options, usually, the only difference that we can find for the client to receive a given treatment depends on patient age.

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Natural male enhancement


Which natural male enhancement method do we know?With the exception of surgery, the three methods that we described on the previous post are 100% natural.

The extender is an instrument to placed on the member, but it is still natural; affects its size progressively stretching the member. The pills have no artificial compoud, they are just herbs that accelerate the heart rate pumping more blood to the member. Finally, thenatural male enhancementtreatment based on exercises affecting the suspensory ligament and the carpora cavernosa is the one we prefer the most.

We're now going to focus on thenatural male enhancementtreatment based on exercises affecting the suspensory ligament. All men have their penis suspended by a ligament; at birth, that ligament (called the S.L.) can be retained, partly inside and partly outside the member. The less it ends inside the body, the bigger your penis. Anatural male enhancementtreatment based on exercises affecting the suspensory ligament will pull out the ligament making your penis bigger; it's a procedure that increase the size of the penis progressively and also affects the corpora cavernosa making thenatural male enhancementtreatment possible in every way.

Why are men looking for a natural male enhancement method? Because they must be sure of their sexuality and this is determined by the size of their penis. By enlarging the penis, they get confidence and their quality of life is enhance. When talking about a natural male enhancement method we are saying that the male, the person, is the one that needs to be enhance, and that occurs by having their penis enlarge. Why is that? Because it's well known (doesn't matter if it's true or false) that the size of the penis affects what women will think about you.

Penis Recovery offers a well design treatment for natural male enhancement based on a routine of natural exercises and 100% effective. You can enlarge your penis from 2 to 3 inches in length and 2/5 inches in width.

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Penis extender


A penis extender is an instrument that serves to enlarge your penis. However, it’s not quite secure. How does a penis extender work? A penis extender uses the same principle as the natural exercises: the possibility of increasing the size of the carpora cavernosa. It contains adjustment screws, which allow you to gradually increase its length thus increasing the stretching effect it has on your penis.

To achieve meaningful results, the penis extender should be worn for about 5-8 hours a day turning the adjustment screws according to the penis extender program schedule. The traction device gradually stretches and lengthens the penis, which causes its cells to grow effectively making it larger.

The problem with penis extender is that they may cause the penis to loose its reproduction function. This only happens if you don’t use the extender as the instructions says. There’re other side effects as: red-raw skin, excruciating pain or temporary impotence; but like I said, this only happens if you do not follow the instructions. The carpora cavernosa has the property of increasing in size and making your penis bigger. If you are going to try to

Today, there have been lots of improvements on techniques to enlarge your member. The best one for our professionals is the one created based on natural exercises. In general, this treatment is composed by a series of exercises to be performed progressively: effectiveness, quality and safety.

From Enlarge Pro you can learn how to enlarge your member without buying any penis extender. Also, with the treatment that online clinics like Enlarge Pro or Penis Recovery offers, you can increase your penis size and not hurt it in the in the attempt.

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